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Results vary based on goals and audience, but our community-driven approach accelerates success for all.


As our GigTaskers are empowered for honest content, their authentic voices are more impactful for genuine marketing content.

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ZMTask is a fast-growing team with roots in Southeast Asia aiming to bridge the connection between brands and every day people and influencers. Gone are the days for relying solely on traditional and mass approach to marketing, as we are now harnessing the power of organic marketing through authentic content. We’ve paved the way for a more authentic way for brands to connect with a diverse network of real people and influencers.

Our Passion

We believe in providing opportunities for earnings to all parties involved. Our platform connects brands with a diverse network of people and influencers for effective marketing strategies and successful campaigns. Individuals can earn money by participating in campaigns that match their interests and skills, creating a win-win environment for all.

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Brands get to amplify their social media presence with creators and users! In return, social media users get paid to create content for brands as a GigTasker!*

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*Capabilities of ZMTask system which will constantly be improved and updated

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Integrated Digital Marketing

Expand your brand reach with our social media services that encompasses other social media content for a streamlined and holistic content messaging to reach your target audience

Our Integrated Offerings

GigTasking Campaign

We host multiple types of UGC campaigns, including public, private and by-invitation campaigns depending on the client's criteria, budget and suitable platform

Content Marketing

Content marketing involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant content, with the goal of building a strong relationship and driving profitable customer action

Digital Marketing

As our GigTaskers (social media users and influencers) are empowered for honest content, their authentic voices are more impactful for genuine marketing content

Influencer Marketing

Capitalize on the high level of trust influencers have with their followers, which serves as social proof for your brand and can attract potential customers

Authentic Content Created For Trusted Brands

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