Affiliate Marketing

Mutually Beneficial for Brand and Users

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way to drive sales and generate online revenue where brands promote their products with our Affiliate Program, or users recommend other brand with trackable transactions!

Performance-Based Marketing

Advertisers can now protect their own profit margins and only pay for successful conversion, based on the various commission models available.

The Sky's The Limit

Users can earn unlimited commision through the unique links generated just for them and monitor the clicks. Users can repost the link via various social media platform to drive clicks and increasing likelihood of purchase.

Why Affiliate Marketing

Low Risk

• Advertisers are incentivising users (GigTaskers) to promote products and brands
• Advertisers only need to pay when a transaction is successful

Key Understanding

• Learn and apply the insights from affiliate marketing to other marketing channels
• Improve marketing tactics based on data findings

Valuable Exposure

• Generate valuable brand exposure regardless conversion performance
• Gain brand awareness via influencer endorsements or positive reviews

Gain New Audience

• The unique links generated for user can be used across different platform
• Connect with target audience and reach new customers

Win-Win Situation For All

Users are more driven to promote your brand and product frequently as they earn commission through the unique affiliate links generated. As an advertiser, you are driven by low cost marketing as you generate brand awareness and only pay commission upon conversions. All conversions are trackable for both parties, making it a secure and trusted process!

Types of Campaigns Available


A sale is confirmed when a purchase is successfully made, with no cancellation or refund.

Sample Flow:
• User posts he generated link for the offer on his Facebook page
• Viewer clicks the link and lands on the Advertiser’s page and purchases the item


The CPA model is referring to a specified action, that leads to a conversion.

Sample Flow:
• Users posted the generated link for the offer on her Instagram page
• Viewers clicks the link and lands on the advertiser’s page and subscribes to the monthly bouquet subscription and sale is converted


Users get paid per each click on the banner/ creative/link/ post, usually used to drive traffic to Advertiser's website or profile/ page.

Sample Flow:
• User's follower visits User's profile page and clicks the link directing them to the new product post


Advertiser pays User every time a user installs their app as a direct result of an ad/content served by User

Sample Flow:
• As Follower/ Viewer scrolls through User's Instagram page, Follower/ Viewer sees the post urging Follower/ Viewer to scan QR code and download the newly launch shopping app
• Follower/ Viewer then scans the QR code and installs the shopping app

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